At Blondie Massage Spa, we offer a variety of services to our clients to meet almost any need. Our adult massages can be scheduled with your favorite lady, or try someone new. If you’ve never had an adult massage before you might be wondering what it is and how it’s different from a regular massage. Here’s what we offer to our clients who choose to have an adult massage in Toronto with us.

What is an adult massage?

Sometimes it is known as a sensual massage, and you must be a legal adult to participate in one. A sensual massage is not about sex, so if that’s what you’re looking for this will not be the place to find it. In fact, this type of massage is about complete relaxation.

How our Adult Massage spa is Best in town?

All of our girls are beautiful, but they also have a lot of experience when it comes to various massage techniques so your experience will be nothing less than amazing. We guarantee you’ll enjoy our time with us, and you’ll be making your next appointment in no time. If there is anything you didn’t enjoy about your visit with us we’d be happy to fix it for next time so that you’re completely satisfied every time you leave.

During an adult massage in Toronto the masseuse performing the service is usually dressed in a specific way. This is something you, the client, can request when booking the appointment. The masseuse can be wearing a certain outfit, a small G-string or nothing at all – the choice is completely up to you. Ultimately the massage itself is still about relaxing and recharging, but the view is much more enjoyable and will be suited to your preferences.

If you’re looking to experience one of the best adult massages in Toronto, Blondie Massage Spa is the place for you to visit. We offer an experience that will allow gentlemen to visit and receive an exotic massage that will both relax them and leaving them feeling completely spoiled.

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What are the benefits of adult Massage?

Humans thrive on the skin to skin contact, and when that contact can be in an intimate and trusting environment the touch of another while relaxation is induced will leave the receiver feeling completely comfortable and incredibly sensitive to touch. They will feel every female fingertip or nail on all areas of their body. This kind of relaxation is extremely helpful when it comes to self-esteem, overall health, and even their own intimate relationships. You will leave your appointment feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and free of stress.

Our facilities are modern and very well maintained for your comfort. We offer a variety of massage types in terms of style and length of treatment. You can select from 30, 45 or 60-minute timeframes with options as to whether only your masseuse can touch you, you can reciprocate or if a massage is performed with her body on yours. You can also if you prefer, have two masseuses in the room at one time. We want to make sure your experience with us is positive and leaves you feeling relaxed, so if there’s something you want please ask and we’ll do our best to accommodate! We look forward to seeing you at our spa!

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